Exra Curricular

We pride ourselves in nurturing our students to be all rounded. As such, we have various co-curricular activities that the students get to enjoy. Some of them include:

Scout Department

This is a very active movement made up of both boys and girls in various categories i.e: Sungura & Chipukizi.

Our scouts are well trained on core values of scouting i.e., honesty, discipline, responsibility, team work etc. We have trained our scouts to abide by the values of scouting.

We have participated in our founder’s day held mostly in Nyeri as a way of exposing our scouts to scouting.

During the holidays, scouts attend camps where they are trained in various skills and drills as a way of gaining life skills.

During public holiday celebrations, our scouts are often invited to grace various occasions due to their outstanding performances (including National Celebrations at the Nyayo National Stadium)

Scouts have often participated in various trips/walks/hiking to appreciate nature and learn from other scouts. Being a scout is voluntary and open to all



The school has been actively participating in ball games:

  • Football up to sub county levels.
  • Defending Champions at the county level for both boys and girls


  • Improve sports and games
  • Compete in swimming


Music and Drama

After the introduction of music, we have been able to compete in the Regionals and Nationals in Poetry and Vocals.

Since it was the beginning and we were able to reach the highest level, as a trainer, we anticipate expanding and diversifying music into areas like playing instruments and also introduce traditional dances.