Computer Programme

At Lily Academy, computing is captivating and aims to ignite the imagination and creativity. From Grade One upwards, pupils are exposed to computing skills that have a significant impact on their day to day lives. Through our equipped computer laboratory, the pupils have been able to get in touch with the technological world which has made it easier to stretch our teaching beyond I.C.T. to computing skills that give the learners an edge in the digital world.
In early years, and lower school learning, pupils gained experience by using the PC. Learning how to use a wide variety of software in order to solve problems as well as get a wide range of information that helps them in their classwork. We have incorporated curriculum based software that has helped a lot in achieving our goals, especially in academics. All we believe in is keeping in touch with the current dynamic world by equipping our learners with information and technology that is important for their future lives.
We believe that I.T is a magnificent tool for the realization of our dreams, and it helps us to revolutionize the way we learn.

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